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This product contains: Bulgarian-English, Bulgarian-German, Bulgarian-French, Bulgarian-Italian, Bulgarian-Spanish, Bulgarian-Greek and Bulgarian-Turkish language data bases. All 60,000 Bulgarian words in the dictionaries are pronounced by a professional announcer. This product can be used independently with the above dictionaries or in addition to already installed dictionaries from EuroDict XP Pro or Talking series with pronunciation of Bulgarian words.

Word of the day:have

I. v (had [hæd, həd])
1. имам, притежавам; държа; to ~ a cold настинал (хремав) съм; you ~ my apologies извинявам се; you can ~ no fear може да не се боите; will you ~ the goodness (kindness) to help me? ще бъдете ли така добър да ми помогнете? I ~ it in my mind възнамерявам; to ~ and to hold в собственост и владение; we had some friends (with us) over the weekend няколко приятели ни бяха на гости в събота и неделя; let me ~ your passport дайте ми паспорта си; let me ~ an prompt reply отговори ми бързо; дай ми отговор бързо; to ~ a talk (word) with s.o. поговорвам си с някого; to ~ a game with играя една партия (игра) с; to ~ a try (go) опитвам се; to ~ a wash мия се; to ~ a shave бръсна се; to ~ a joke with s.o. шегувам се с някого; to ~ nothing on без дрехи съм, гол съм; to ~ to do with имам общо с; to ~ a baby имам (раждам) дете; he had me by the throat той ме държеше за гърлото;
2. получавам; вземам; придобивам; we had news получихме (имахме) известие (новини); if you don’t take care you will ~ the police upon you ако не внимаваш, ще има да се разправяш с полицията; there was no work to be had нямаше никаква работа; не се намираше никаква работа; it is to be had at the chemist’s това се намира по аптеките; to ~ o.’s wish fulfilled желанието ми се изпълнява; I had it from my colleagues колегите ми го казаха, научих от колегите; to ~ a glass of beer пия чаша бира; where do you ~ your meals? къде се храните? what will you ~? какво обичате? какво искате? какво ще вземете? she has not had anything for three days тя не е взела (яла) нищо вече три дни;
3. прекарвам (време); to ~ a nice time прекарвам добре;
4. трябва, налага се, нужно е; the students ~ to be in by eleven студентите трябва да се върнат преди единадесет; this work has to be done quickly тази задача трябва да бъде изпълнена бързо;
5. давам да се (с pp); to ~ o.’s watch repaired давам часовника си на поправка; to ~ o.’s hair cut подстригвам се, отивам да се подстрижа;
6. sl излъгвам, измамвам, изигравам; I am not to be had на мен не ми минават, не съм вчерашен;
7. побеждавам, бия, взимам връх над; you ~ (got) me there! тук ме хвана натясно! he had you in the first round той те победи (би, свърши) в първия рунд;
8. казвам, твърдя, поддържам; as Socrates had it както казва Сократ; rumour has it носи се слух, говори се;
9. (служи за образуване на перфектните форми); I ~ gone отишъл съм; бях отишъл;
10. (за избягване на повторение): he went to the post office as his father had before him той отиде на работа, както някога (преди) ходеше баща му; you ~ forgotten your gloves! - So I ~ забравил си си ръкавиците! - да, наистина;
11. I had better go по-добре щеше да е да отида; да бях отишъл; I had rather предпочитам, бих предпочел; • to ~ o.’s own way налагам се, правя каквото си искам; I won’t ~ that не съм съгласен с такова нещо; това няма да го търпя; ~ done! стига! престанете! to ~ it in one имам куража (способността); he had it coming to him той си го търсеше; I would ~ you know искам да знаете; I am not ~ing any разг. не ща; не се хващам на тази въдица; to ~ it in for s.o. имам зъб на някого; мразя го; to ~ it on s.o. имам преимущество (предимство) пред някого, в по-изгодно положение съм от някого; to let s.o. ~ it удрям някого; давам на някого да се разбере; as ill luck would ~ it, he arrived late за нещастие той пристигна късно; what would you ~ me do? какво искаш да направя? she has it by heart тя го знае наизуст; he has no Latin or Greek той не знае нито латински, нито гръцки;

-a-go adj разг. смел, дързък; пълен с хъс; енергичен; инициативен; предприемчив.

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Because Bulgaria isn't yet a member of the European Union - although it is determined to become a member in 2007 - it doesn't have the steep tax structure and production costs that make second homes cost prohibitive in EU countries. In addition, the Bulgarian government recognizes that tourism is an important component of its growing economy, and so offers a variety of financial incentives in order to attract
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bulgaria property offers more than beautiful mountains and an inviting shoreline. Tourists marvel at the architecture of Bulgarian monasteries and celebrate along with the locals at the annual Festival of Roses that is held in late spring. They feast on mouthwatering Bulgarian cheeses and traditional stews and sausages. And they embrace the rich culture of Bulgaria when visiting museums and galleries in cities from Sofia to Varna or attending festivals and contests featuring folkloric music and dancing.

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Once you've taken the leap and purchased a villa, apartment or any other bulgaria property, you face another crucial decision: finding a company to look after your property when you are away. Whether your villa, apartment or other bulgaria property is in Bansko or Pamporovo, you need to ensure that the bulgaria property rental management company you select will provide you with the service, maintenance, and oversight that give you peace of mind.

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Property inventory - A reputable
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Regular property inspections - Ideally, the company you select should perform a weekly property inspection. The inspections should include a check of all plumbing, making sure all showers, baths, toilets, and other fixtures are in working order. It should also include an inspection of electrical outlets and small appliances, again to ensure that they are in working order.

Outdoor inspections - The
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Mail pick-up - The company should offer regular mail pick up and a forwarding service.

Property administration - Ideally, the
bulgaria property rental management company will ensure that utility payments, taxes, and other bills are paid in a timely manner. They should also provide you with a monthly report on the status of your property, as well as a line item list of any maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Cleaning - Prior to guest arrival, the
bulgaria property rental management company should arrange to have your villa or apartment cleaned and prepared for letting. Some companies may, for an extra fee, also offer greeting services to and owner's renters.

When you find the right
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The online dictionary is free to access and use and allows seeking words and expressions in, and from, original to, and from, recipient languages. Presently the online dictionary contains all databases that we offer: English-Bulgarian, German-Bulgarian, Italian-Bulgarian, Spanish-Bulgarian, French-Bulgarian, Greek-Bulgarian, Turkish-Bulgarian, Turkish-English, Turkish-German, Turkish-French and Bulgarian Encyclopedic Dictionary. The access to any of named dictionaries takes place from the grey search field located above. The dictionary databases are the same as in the PRO versions of EuroDict XP. You might use it as a preview of the translation quality and content of the product you are interested in.

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EuroDict XP talking is the most featured version of our dictionaries, containing pronunciation of words for the main language and fully functional methods of training. This version is very suitable and useful for people studying that language. Additional option is to buy a disk containing all audio files for Bulgarian, which might then be added to all databases that include it. For any additional information and instructions on how to use our products, please read the manual.

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